Any business owner that owns a website should by now understand that maintaining your website is an ongoing process.  If your site never changes, or is not updated to reflect the times, it can certainly show.  We have compiled 5 of the top reasons to update your website today.

Number 5 – You Are Losing Your Search Engine Rankings – Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and becoming more and more intelligent.  Nowadays, they are weighing the amount of quality content on your site more heavily.  This means it is time to add new content to your site to maintain your SEO rankings.

Number 4 – Keep Your Customers Returning – By constantly updating your website, you are providing new content to your current customers that keep them visiting for more.  Strive to make your site a place current customers want to check at least once a month for updates.

Number 3 – Change With The Times – It might be time to review your product and service offering descriptions and verify that they actually reflect what it is you sell.  Often times these basic points can be overlooked and you may find yourself losing potential customers before they even contact you.

Number 2 – Your Graphics Are Dated – Have a professional Atlanta web design firm take a look at the graphics on your site.  Are they dated?  Is there a picture of someone with a giant bulky cell phone?  Or a CRT computer monitor?  These images and graphics may have been cool years ago, but now they look like that odd haircut you had in the 80’s!  Refresh your graphics and refresh your brand.

Number 1 – You Are Losing Revenue! – This is obviously the most important reason to update your website.  When was the last time you checked that all the links were working throughout your site?  or that there are no errors on your contact form?  With some careful testing and taking the advice of the other points above, you can maximize the amount of business you gain from your website.

If you would like to hear some personalized ideas of how to update your website to bring in more revenue, please contact our Atlanta web design team today!