Darwin Studios has become a leader in Atlanta based web hosting. We are always growing, adding new features, and providing the support necessary for you to grow your business. Darwin Studios understands your need for personal attention. That is why we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best customer service and support in metro Atlanta. Our priority is to provide your company’s web site or server with the best possible network, customer service, support, extreme scalability, all at a price that is sure to meet any company’s budget.

Darwin Studios’ servers are connected via an OC-192 connection directly to the backbone of the internet. This connection ensures a 99.5% uptime and fast speeds for your website.


Your website is very important to your business.  We know that and cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a backup and disaster recovery plan.  Even the best web hosts in the world can have problems and you don’t want to be left with a blank page showing on your domain when your customers are depending on you.  And what if your website gets hacked?  While we make every effort to secure your web site against hackers, nothing is completely safe.  With a recent backup, we can restore your site to it’s original state should something like this occur.

Darwin Studios offers a web site backup service to put your mind at ease and allow you not to worry about such disasters. We have multiple plans to best suit your business needs. The initial step will be setting up the parameters of the backup.  We can backup daily, weekly, or monthly. Once we have the process set up, what we will do is download all of the website files and databases from your web host and store locally on our secure servers.  We then synchronize your backups to our online cloud storage system to insure against our own hardware failure and give you yet an extra level of backup and security. We can provide you with the actual files if you would like to have a copy yourself, or we can simply provide them when needed.