Project Description

Nardi Air Compressors is the official distributor of the Italian made NARDI Compressori line of air compressors. Their product line includes high quality scuba air compressors, scuba air mixers, high pressure air compressors, air gun compressors, paintball compressors, natural gas air compressors (CNG Series), dental air compressors as well as industrial air compressors.

Nardi was looking for a solution to display their entire catalog online for their customers. Darwin Studios accomplished this task with an easy to use WordPress site that uses WooCommerce to power the catalog.  Items are not for sale online, but all of the information is avaialable, along with downloads for each each product.  Darwin Studios also took the time to carefully categorize and SEO each product resulting in high rankings for many keywords involving air compressors.

Visit Nardi Air Compressors website